The mandate of the Committee from Synod 2013 is as follows:

1. To provide a thorough study of the effects of genderinclusive

translation philosophy in the NIV2011 and the

ESV, comparing also the earlier findings on this subject

by the CBT on the NRSV in 1992, to ascertain whether

anything is lost from God’s revelation in the use of this

philosophy and how it has affected each translation;

2. To provide a thorough study of the ESV with special

attention to its readability and to what degree the concerns

expressed by previous iterations of the CBT about the RSV

remain a concern in relation to the ESV;

3. To solicit, receive and evaluate comments from the churches

on the ESV, to submit worthy translation changes to the ESV

editorial committee and monitor the response;

4. To send the committee’s critical remarks and suggestions for

improvement on the five texts pertaining to women in office

(see Observation 2.10.4) to the CBTNIV and monitor the


5. To serve the next general synod with a report sent to the

churches at least six months prior to the next general synod.